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NFL Passing Season Comparison

The most by a quarterback in a single season was 8 by Matthew Stafford...

For my first NFL Analysis I decided to do a fairly simple comparison among some passing stats across seasons.

At the top you’ll see a comparison among the number of game winning drives from the last 13 seasons . Maybe surprisingly, last season did not have the most, rather it was the 2009-2010. That season, Peyton Manning had the most with 7 game winning drives, followed by Vince Young with 6.

Last season Drew Brees led the pack with 7, followed by Dak Prescott and Deshaun Watson who both had 5. The most by a quarterback in a single season was 8 by Matthew Stafford in 2016-2017.

NFL Passing Comparison by Season

The next chart you see is a box plot (or whisker) chart which is showing every starting or backup quarterback and their seasons interception percent. The colors represent the number of starts that quarterback had that season.

I called out some of the outliers per season. Some like Nathan Peterman are not surprising at all, but I was surprised that Jimmy Garoppolo never threw an interception through his 5 starts in the 2016-2017 season.

The middle of every box is the median pass interception percentage, below is a breakdown by season.


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